The Alabama Medicaid program currently is underfunded by $85 million dollars for the FY 2017 year. As a result, on August 1st, the state decreased reimbursement rates to doctors, including those who serve children, by 30%.   

Because of the state's inability to find the needed dollars, doctors across the state are reducing the number of patients in their care, laying off staff, and in some cases, closing their practices. This will mean longer wait times and less access to quality healthcare for every Alabama child in need of a doctor's office or emergency room. Children account for 56% of Medicaid patients and, as these cuts take effect, they will be the ones who suffer. 

The time to act is now. Please take a minute and follow the link below to send an email to your State Senator, State Representative, and the Governor to let them know that Alabama's healthcare system needs to be made a priority. Tell them that Medicaid should be FULLY FUNDED at the entire $85 million dollars so cuts to doctors serving children can be reversed.